Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Over the weekend, I was able to spend an hour to kinda sort out my closet. As summer is coming soon, it is about time to put winter's clothes away and leave space for summer clothes. That's what most people would do, however, it is not exactly what is happening to me.

The place that I'm living is fine, it is neither too spacey nor crowded. The only complaint that I have is the space for my closet. My wife has a closet of at least 3 times of mine. I understand that how women thinks - they never have enough clothes, or enough space for their clothes. Everytime I saw those clothes that I barely saw my wife wore but knowing that they are not cheap. Just have the feeling of money going down the drain...though that's her money, still, at the end of the day, if that leads to sort of shortage of $$$ for the family as a whole...who's gonna foot the bill?

Well, my closet is already small, but I've to put my extra bags, belts, even spare bed coversheet in it. Believe of not, I even put spare harddisks on the shelf inside my closet. So, basically, my closet only barely allow me to hang my 'work' clothes - suits, pants, and shirts. That's it. My casual clothes are stored in some plastic drawers stacking up next to our desks. With such condition, it didn't put any mood for me to really buy new clothes. Cos, the first thought is not even about the prices of the clothes, regardless how expensive or cheap they are. It is about where do I put them? I don't like to 'retire' my clothes easily. Cos, if they are fine, not torn, why should I throw them away? It is just not environmental friendly, kinda against my belief. So, that's why I don't go clothes shopping often, I've to say I've not buy any casual clothes for more than a year at least. For work clothes, yes I still spend my hard-earned money on them, cos that's what I 'need' for 5 days a week. However, for the rest, I just don't give a shit no more.

I've not thought about any change for the current critical space condition for my wardrobe. I wish things will turn better, but there are just too many other things that I would rather spend time, attention and money on. So, I just maintain the minimum to survive for that matter.

I know there are things about fashion trend. It is just not my cup of tea anymore. I don't even look hip or chic even if I spend the dole to 'catch' up. Well, it doesn't mean I totally give up, at least not on my mind forever. Just that, it is just not the time to do it. I wish I have the tool of Doreamon, which can shrink stuff and restore it when I need it. Then, I won't have such trouble....

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