Monday, February 2, 2009


This morning, my boss asked me how's my weekend. I said 'fine! nothing special!...just spending time with my boy and family stuff.....'. 'Why people these days are so easily satisfied?...with low expectation on things?' He said. I said...'Well, I can't speak for the others, I can only say that I didn't expect much...."....

Come to think of what my bosses said. I think I've my points and so did he. People just don't have same expectation when their lives are so different. When I was single, I 'live' my life. I could wake up anytime I wanted, went to bed anytime I wanted. I just did my own things. I was only responsible to myself. Now, I'm living with my wife, my son and my housemaid. I've responsibilities. My life don't just evolve myself only anymore. I'm NOT complaining or anything. Just that everyone has his/her needs and interests, as a head of a household, in order to make things work, I just have to compromise!

There are times that my interests are not being prioritized, or simply in conflict with others. Just a simple things like getting up in the morning in the weekend. Of course, I like to sleep late, but I got things to do. Before I became parent, I still woke up earlier because I want to check news and surf the net before my wife got up. Cos, when she was up, I would be occupies with some activities that she needed me to be involved, etc. Since I had a son, I still had to get up early, cos my boy wakes up as early as I'm or even earlier, and he needs attention. Also, I need to go to market to buy groceries and food for his lunch, etc. So, that's part of compromise that I'm running into. Am I upset about that? No, but would I be happier to do other things? I would say I'm happy to take care of those extra responsibilities, but also be happy to have chance to do other things that I like to do.

I found that life is just full of compromises. At works, yes. At home, yes too. Would I trade that for being just doing things for myself? No, cos, life just has different stages, and as an adult with a family, you just have to suck it up. Do what're right, though sometimes those are not in line with my selfish guilty interests.

I think make compromise is not something that thought in school, even if it did, kids were too young to understand and to feel the importance of it. Compromise is a art as well as a skill. It can make you as well as break you. I think the most difficult part of making compromise is making it with someone who doesn't like to compromise. It is really hard, a tough pill to swallow. But, hey, that's part of life! Sometimes, I do wonder if I have to, but what is the alternative? Just think of it would make the 'pill' less bitter. The most successful way to 'master' compromise is to achieve the stage of being 'selfless'. It is quite 'Zen', but it is. Only if you can just 'forget' about yourself, then you can master the 'art' of compromise. Just like WATER! It is 'squarer' in a squarer pot, it is spherical, if it the pot is a sphere, etc. Just fit in, then you are fine....Well a theory, but it takes a lifetime to master. By the time we are able to master it...perhaps, we don't need to compromise anymore!.....

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