Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My most anticipated movies 2009

10. Knowing - I always like movies about predict future, trying to change it and all that. Just trying to play with certain paradoxical scenarios. Though I think this Nicolas Cage movie is gonna be another typical Hollywood flick of this genre, I would still check it out if I can.
9. Watchmen - Not a follower of the comic, but just viewing the trailer make it quite interesting to me. Not sure if it is like X-Men, the idea of using less known actors/actresses are good move to save budget and put more costs on effects. Hopefully, the story would be good too.
8. Public Enemy - This pic is not even the poster which has yet come out. What make it attactive to me? Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Leelee Sobieski in Michael Mann's crima drama movie. Nough said!
7. Monsters and Aliens - Not that I've doubt in Pixar's Up (below), the trailer of Monsters and Aliens is really funny. I think Dreamworks has improved their characters creation. This film's characters look more like 'The Incredibles' + 'Monster Inc.', than the old Dreamwork animations. Surely will check this out, if not on screen, definitely on DVD.
6. Up - I've never missed a Pixar film. Though 'Cars' is the worse so far, but it was still better than most others. Up seems to be unique in using an old man as the main character, but Pixar is the best when it goes unconventional, I surely will check this out as M&A above.
5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - I love the 'X-Men' series. I think Wolverine is definitely one of the best developed character in the movie series. The trailer looks good, though there are not as many X-men as in that series, it should be good enough to pull me in, if the story is as good as the first two in the series. If this one becomes successful, I'm sure more will be coming.
4. 2012 - I always love diaster movies for their special effects. This one should be good, just wanna see how far they can push it after 'Days after tomorrow'.
3. Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen - Love the first one. Yes, the story is stupid, but the visuals...man...just candies to the eyes. Really wanna see how far they can push it.
2. Terminator Salvation - Being a fan of the past 3 movies, I even like the cheezy TV series, I just can't get enough of Terminators. I hope this one will be good. This time, the focus this time is on the human resistance side rather than the terminators, though there are many of them. Let's see how this one against those transformers! 1. Avator - This movie has been 'cooked' for so long. Only very few tipbits have been released so far. Why it is my #1? James Cameroon making sci-fi movie. That's enough to beat anyone, even Spieberg from my point of view. Really looking forward to see those claimed to be newly invented visual effects that merge CGI and human seemlessly. Last time when James Cameroon gave us new 'liquid' FX in 'Abyss'. That was already eye-popping. Just wanna see how he put all the rest to the shame with this massive massive cash-burning masterpiece. Also, one more thing about James Cameroon's movie that differ from most other sci-fi, his movie's script are usually very solid and the characters, particularly female one, are usually very good. Just can't wait till end of the year for this one!

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