Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to think

When I'm busy with something, I can't think. Or I should say, I would not distract myself to put my mind on something else that make me loses focus on the task on hand. Certainly, that's wishful thinking in many cases, especially when I was doing something that I was not very interested in at the time. e.g. when I was preparing for exams when I was in school.

These days, when I'm working, certainly I've to concentrate on my tasks, particularly those involve communication with others. So, during the whole routine boring daily life, the time slots that I would say I can really think without any hesitation are....in shower, in traffic between home and office, and after saying good night to my wife but before I fall into sleep.

I do cherish those times that I can think, not that I've come up with any 'great' idea or things like that. Just really enjoy the free time to think, cos thinking randomly or on topics that I like is an enjoyment to me.

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