Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Imagine...his Second Coming....

When I was a kid, I love to imagine stuff. Namely, thinking about those ‘what if’ scenarios, like having superpowers, etc. Being a grown up, just likes most folks, I’m just more ‘grounded’, especially considering that I’m working in a position that requires day-to-day creativity. Though, my job is not routine or boring at all, just not like an artist, designer or script writer that needs to come up with something new in order to do my job.

I’m not particularly religious or spiritual, just a bit more so that most regular folks. Among Christians, there is a brief that Jesus Christ will come to earth again, I guess he will reborn or something. However, in this day and age, I just don’t think that if a person with Jesus’s abilities nowadays would be able to live and preach like what Jesus did two thousand years ago.

Birth - I don’t know where he will be born, in most ‘civilized’, ‘developed’ or some ‘developing’ countries, there will be registered birth. So, can Jesus born again without a dad? I think the answer is yes. The case is that would believers able to accept Jesus to born in place other than Israel? What is he is born in Beijing? Or Rio? Or in Tahran? Or in Downtown Manhattan? Or in Moscow? Just his nationality will be controversial. On top of that, will he be still White? Or Black? Or Yellow?

Growing Up - he will have to enroll in educational system of some sorts, and will have his life being tracked by modern technology, in database everywhere. Certainly, Jesus can stay in animosity until he is an adult, like he came before. In the current version of bible, Jesus’ growing up history is ‘blank’. Will he be able to keep that way this time? I doubt it. Then, what friends that he has, his hobbies, love interests, grades in schools, etc will undoubtedly be dug up. For a guy who wants to be elected for president of a country, he has to go through so much scrutiny of background check. Imagine for someone who claims to be the second coming Jesus, not only the church, but the whole world will be very much addicted to find out everything about him since his birth, and his mom, etc. Any mishap that he did during his time on earth will be dissected, analyzed and debated. Forget about some serious crimes or moral mishaps, just as simple as dumping a girlfriend for another, getting drunk, or went into a fight with playmates during childhood will be a big deal.

Coming out of the ‘closet’ – for sure, this case is about Jesus coming out to the public to let the world know that he has arrived again. It is a catch-22 situation. If he simply says ‘I’m Jesus!’ Nobody is gonna buy that. As there have been so many buffoon coming before him, either in the form of Jesus or anti-Christ, so he has to do something to prove himself. So, the answer must be miracles. Then, he need to make sure his miracle is so believable in these days and age. He has to do something that much more dramatic and shocking, but stay in the holy good way. Otherwise, people will think that he is new magicians that wanna follow the footstep of David Blaine, Criss Angel, etc. So, if he can perform miracle once, then most likely he needs to do that again and again for different folks, like for the Vatican, for certain government leaders, for the regular Joes and Janes. Then, there will be TV crews to film it, putting his miracle on TV, on youtube, etc. There will be skeptics trying to dispute and discredit him, while he will gain ‘fans’ or believers to support and defend him, etc. Just imagine the whole media circus!

Being Jesus – as a holy figure, all the things that we need to worry about ourselves won’t be applied to him. His clothes, foods, accommodations, traveling would be taken care of. Certainly, it will be best by the Church; otherwise, there will be corporate sponsors fighting to be holy! However, what will and can he do all through the days? Once he is known to be Jesus, all the sick, disables, unfortunate, poor and desperate folks from all over the world will want to see him, get his blessing and want miracles from him. If he says yes to them, then, he will be busy healing and helping the needier 24 x 7 until God knows when. Can he say ‘No’ to anyone? I really doubt it, he will discredit and fall from grace by the around the clock coverage by paparazzi, and media crews. What if Vatican locks him up to shield him from the public? If that is the case, why does Jesus wanna come again? If he can’t escape from Vatican, then he is not that powerful to be regarded as Jesus. If he can, where can/will he go? Whether he will be sitting under a tree in India, or leading a gang of new disciples in Morocco, he will still need to perform miracles all day long. Even if he know teleporting, just the hints or impression that he gave to the world that he doesn’t want to help as much as he can/should, he will be regarded as an anti-Christ, rather than Christ.

I’m not going to imagine what will happen that would lead to his death again this time. Certainly, things are not gonna be pleasant. Just imagine the situations above…. Jesus…how difficult his life will be?

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