Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A 'Catch 22' no-win question

During lunch discussion today with colleagues, someone mentioned a 'Catch 22' question that illustrate a situation that if such question is asked, no matter how you respond, there is something wrong with you.

The question is "Have you stopped beaten your wife?"

Certainly, you can make it into different variations, such as:

Have you stopped committing crime?
Have you quitted drugs?

Basically, the format of the question is 'Have you' + 'stop/quit/discontinue' + 'some bad things' ?

If you say 'Yes', it means that you did do such thing before, usually that's something never being disclosed to anyone. In spite of the fact that you claim that you are NOT doing that anymore.

If you say 'No', it means that you have been doing that bad things and is going to continue.

Of course, you can always say 'No comment!', 'None of your business!', 'Why you ask?', 'How about you?', and 'Back off!'

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