Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reading personal doc on iPhone

Last night, per my wife's request, I was trying to figure out how to put a word document on her iphone for reading at her leisure. Certainly, everytime I do this kind of research. I learn something new. Before doing any of that, it is known to me (through reading news) that there is no copy and paste function in iPhone. Yes, it sucks and I know that there are genius out there are working on it. Hopefully soon, it will be added to the firmware. But before that happen, besides using its keyboard to retype everything and put them on Notes. What can I do? The answer that I got last night is 'Ereader'.

Yes, there are other similar programs out there on App Store, like 'Stanza'. For me, I just need to find one that work. So, how Ereader work is that. First of all, it only ready '.pdb' format files. So, I need to get a convertor. I got one from CNET and able to convert .doc to .pdb. However, at the end of the day, I found that the output isn't good, too many funky non-sense symbols in the .pdb file. So, I use .txt as a base file instead. So, after converting the .txt to .pdb. Then, I need to login the Ereader's website, upload my .pdb files and then go to Ereader in my iphone to connect to their site to download my file. Well, it works, the bottomline is.

However, I just don't think it is just too much works to make such simple things to go through such a complicated process. As my wife's .txt will be updated. I'm sure I will need to help her to run the above process everytime she needs it. Yes, my wife is not tecky at all, but I can't help but complaining that iPhone is just not very user friendly for such simple task of copy-paste an existing doc on iphone for reading purpose. Well, I still have faith in iPhone, I'm sure it will improve that soon. But for now, I'm stuck with this process.

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