Monday, October 13, 2008

Medical Checkup

Over the last weekend, I went to have my medical checkup, thanks for the reimbursement of my current employer, otherwise, I would not spend almost US$500 for such checkup. Well, I'm getting old, so far I don't feel any problem with my body. Certainly, if I can feel something, that usually won't be good, cos it usually means something is really bad. Still, at my current age, I think I should be more health-conscious than before. I said I 'should' but not I 'am' is because I know that there are things that I 'should' do, but not really doing. Like everybody know workout is good for the body, but do I? Not anymore since I got married. Should I eat less fat, sure! but do I? I still love chicken wings and roast pork every now and then. I know for sure that I won't go excessive in those things that I crave for. But, I should do better to stay healthy. I still have a family to take care of. When I play with kid in the park, man! I do feel old.

Many people take their health for granted, for them, being healthy is a given. So, they don't care as much as they should, that's why they abuse it, like picking up smoking, binge drinking, doing drugs, etc. We don't find being healthy that valuable until we are sick. That's something that I keep reminding myself every now and then. Cos, there are still so much I should and want to do that can be achieved without good health. Like eating nice stuff, go traveling, etc. Many people are skeptical of the future or so. For me, I'm more taking the road of take-it-easy, see what's coming, whatever gonna happen, just like it happen that sort of attitude. In short, I still wanna see the future, be in the future times. So, I've to try my best to stay healthy to be there. Especially, seeing my kid a bit older, to talk to and be with him. Also, to be with my wife living gracefully till old age would be nice as well.....Don't want to be like Michael Keaton in the movie 'My Life' with Nicole Kidman, though great movie, but sad. In that movie, Michael Keaton filmed videos for his unborned kid because he has only months to live. It was a sad but uplifting story, still he died. Don't know why I suddenly recalled that movie, just that movie left me a great impression about health, I guess.

Anyway, I won't know the medical checkup results for another week or so. We will see.....God Blesses!

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a small mark at the time of my passage on your very beautiful blog!
thanks for making us share your moments
you have a translation of my English space!
cordially from France
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