Monday, October 6, 2008

Quality of Sleep

I don't sleep well lately. Yes, I've been a bit ill lately, but with medicines and tiredness, I should sleep like in a coma. But, I'm not. I woke up easily, not just because of the amount of water that I drank, but also quite alert with sound. In the middle of one of the nights last week, I heard weird sound in our studying room. I woke up, went there, turn on the light, and saw a big cockroach running back and forth. I killed it of course. I thought it must be flying in through the windows. But, amazingly, I was waking up by the running sound of a cockroach on our hardwood floor in the middle of the night?!

I used to be able to sleep through the night, but now, I can't. I'm ok during the daytime. Don't need coffee or tea, things like that. Just....maybe I don't 'dream' that well that bother me a bit. Cos, unlike others, who find dreaming 'tiring'. I like dreaming, regardless I remember them or not. Just knowing that I dream, I feel that I had enough of sleep. Cos, my feeling is that I dream only in deep sleep. I don't need those scientific experience to count my R.E.M. to tell me that. However, I don't think I have dreamed enough lately. I only remember 2 dreams that I had is being throw a grenade by a terrorist group in Singapore (ha, you can tell it must be a dream), the second one was that somehow my fingers were bleeding while I was wearing 4 finger rings (must be a dream also!). Weird dreams (got to be a separate subject in my future blogs) is very normal for me, and the significance of them to me is about their content which could be very interesting in interpretation, but they usually memorable. That made me feel that I had a good night of sleep.

I hope things will be improved soon. Cos, to me sleeping is not only important but enjoyable. With a good night of sleep, it sucks!

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