Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My View on 'Death' (Part II)

Death is critical point of human life. If you believe in karma. It is when your good deeds and sins got waited to determine when will you go. For the livings, Death is a natural process that a person has run its course.

I think for most folks, these are what people think if we ask them the question: What do you think or your feeling about Death?

- People scare, because they don't know what is going to happen afterwards.

- People scare, because of their religious belief that, some bad things may happen to them.

- People scare, because what usually lead to death are painful, like accidents, diseases, etc.

- People feel sad, because they can't let go what they have: materials stuff, relationships, fame, etc.

- People feel sad, because they don't want to miss what they are going to get.

- People feel uncertain, not just because what will happen next, but also don't know how they will die? and how people will remember them? what happen to his/her possessions?

As nobody can really answer those questions or they can prove their answers are correct and make them acceptable to everyone, so I think the mystery, fascination, and horror of Death will remain with human beings for foreseeable future.

For the livings, just need to accept the reality that, with every day passing, we are one day closer to our death. That's not pessimistic or sarcastic, just telling the truth. I think we should thank God for letting us to stay alive each day and try our best to make the best of it each morning when we open our eyes for that day.

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