Thursday, October 30, 2008

EQ in Financial Tsunami

When I tried to find a picture about EQ in Google Image Search. The picture above was shown. It stroked me with an 'Ah HA' right the way. It is so true about the relationship of EQ and IQ. Everyone has EQ and IQ, it is just a matter of high or low which is also a matter or relativity. Surely, they can be objectively measured if you believe in those methods. What make a person or I should say how a person is being perceived by others has a lot to do with what a person does and says. IQ can add a lot of 'meats' to that, but how those actions and words being delivered has a lot to do with the person's EQ.

In the recent Financial Tsunami, does IQ matter any more? Sure, it always matter. However, many people's behavior really demonstrate their EQs, especially those public figures: opinion leaders, government officials, CEOs of the financial institution's, regular investors, etc. You can see that all sorts of dumb things that they said in the media which showed what kinds of person they really are. You can tell whether some folk's personal interests are being affected or not easily when they talk, cos they can lie with their high IQ in normal days, but their EQ which is relatively hard to control do make their inner beasts come out to the light. During normal days, many folks can use their IQs to wrap themselves up before presenting to the world, but EQ does have its day to shine. No wonder leader recently claimed that 'logical discussion on a public issue has been hijacked by public emotional appeal of the issue'. The ironic thing is that such statement is coming out of the mouth of a leader who is famous for bad temper and low EQ!...
Certainly, there are people who demonstrate their sincerity and affection to others including strangers too. The recent economic environment is really a very good opportunity to learn about human behaviors, psychology, social behavior, etc. I'm sure there are still lots more to be seen and heard, cos I believe that the current rough environment is still searching for its peak, we still have long way to go before we can see the tsunami really retreats.

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