Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well, my medical test results are out. Things are so far so good, though there are things that I need to be a bit conscious, it is that I need to eat a bit healthy than what I've been doing. So, many foods that I love, I don't need to stop eating them completely, but a bit conscious to cut them down in portion and frequency is necessary for long term health sake. Thank God that I'm not very picky in food, veggies for me are more than fine. I don't eat internal organs anyway. Just need to cut down on fat, or high cholesterals food a bit. So, seafoods, egg yolks, fried foods, etc......yummy! but
When I told my wife and my family about my test results, they all told me to eat oat meal for breakfast. Man, that's not my favorite at all, but I wouldn't turn down trying that. Cos, it is not only healthy, but cheap as well. I will take on that after my cereals are all eaten. Also, I need to begin doing some light excercise as well. I've not done much workout for long time, but doing something easy and quick frequently should be a good habit to pick up.
Well, these are still just 'ideas' until I carry them out. Well, let's see how things will work out.

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