Monday, September 1, 2008

Take it like a man

I'm not talking about one or two particular incidents. I've general feeling that our government officials (many of whom happen to be males) are not taking responsibilities as they should for their wrong doings.

Politicians are simply looking after their own self-interests or the interest groups that elect/support them. Government officials who are paid by our tax dollars are hiding behind the bureaucracy that they have created all these years, when their wrong doings are exposed by the media. I'm not saying all of them, but those who are black sheeps or those who managed their responsibilities badly are acting like a bunch of 'roaches' after the media lifted the 'carpet'. They just flee, or like a deer facing a headlight, just freeze. Responding to the media and the public is such unprofessional manner that. I wish they should go back to do more self-study on public relations and that sort of things, since they have so much time in the evenings as they left office on time everyday.

The folks in power are even worse, they are like 'slick willies' or 'eels', or no, actually, they are even worse than them. They are 'invertebrates'. Homosapians alike, without backbones! They ask their subordinates to face the public to take all the in-your-face criticisms, and only show up in face-saving public events. With such poor showing of governance, I don't care how much 'spin' their spin-doctors can do, the greatest make-up artists can't turn a monster into an angel. Why can't those folks who are in power stand up to face the music? I don't want to sound childish, but the motto in 'Spiderman' is really true: God gives you special power, it comes with great responsibilities! Why can't they stand up, pound their chests and take criticism and responsibilities like men!

What does it mean to be like a man? Just need to be strong when you should, be humble and apologetic when you should, don't dare to say sorry or bow when you should. People will understand and appreciate, though they don't forget. Mistakes are not sin, what's wrong to say 'I'm sorry!'. They think that they are better than the public? The powerless doesn't deserve the apologies from those with power? I don't think so. Well, consider how those with power got their power, maybe it is too much to ask those 'whims' in power. They have power, but they got no respect from the people. If you believe in karma, like I do, they will pay soon or later!

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