Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Predictions - My son

I'm no prophet or fortune-teller. Since I became a dad, the way I see and think about future has changed greatly. I only thought about what myself and my wife be like when we are older, like in 10 years or in 30 years, that's usually depressing.....cos we are old and I'm not sure if we will be wiser!? For God sake, if we can stay relatively healthy, that's a blessing. However, come to think about my son, that's more interesting. Cos, for us, he is like a blank sheet of picture, there is so much unknown...Yes, I believe in astrology a bit, but that still can't stop me from guessing what he will be like in future.

I'm not trying to guess what kind of profession he will be in, or how much money he is going to make and all that, just based on what I see of him, an one year old boy. I like to make the following predictions of him at 10 years old. If ten years from now, this blog still exists, it will be quite interesting to see if my predictions are correct or off by how much....

1. He has good mathematics ability.
2. He is not that into music, not his hobby, either listening to it or playing instruments.
3. He has bad temper at times. He will let his emotion out rather than hold back from expression.
4. He is ok in sport, like basketball, football, badminton, table-tennis, but not good in swimming.
5. He can paint or like drawing pictures.
6. He loves and good in playing electronic gadgets, like game consoles, or phone, etc.
7. He likes to hang out with friends rather than with his parents, particularly his mom.
8. He likes to spend money on things that he like, he may have learn the value of money saving, but not good in practicing it.
9. He is picky in foods.
10. He is a good kid in nature, but not very obedient, he talks back and challenges adults.
11. He is an active kid, but shy at times, particularly with girls.
12. He likes to do mix and matches with his own clothes. He has idea what he wants to be seen wearing.
13. His ranks middle in his class.
14. He likes to read comic books, novels and magazine.
15. He loves to surf the net.

Let's see in 10 years.

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