Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some thoughts on being a dad for an 1 year old boy

Over the weekend, my wife and I celebrated the first birthday of our son. Nothing really special happened, just bought him a cake, took some family pictures, took him out to the mall and my mom-in-law's home, that's it. Since my wife got him a cake, I got him some winter clothes as H&M as gift.
I know that my son is not gonna remember a thing about his first birthday, even if he watch some video clips and see pictures later on in future. That's not the reason I didn't do much for his birthday. My personality perhaps, unlike most people, I'm not into festivals, special dates, that kind of stuff. So, even for my son's birthday, I just don't feel like doing a lot of special things for it. Anyway, I still wished him a happy birthday.
There are a lot of saying that an one year old should be able to do this and that. Of course, that's all about statistics. So, I'm not all that concerned of him able to do certain things slower than others. Cos, if he didn't know how to crawl at 9 months until 11 months, so what? He may not be able to balance well to walk now, but he is good in flipping books....I think one of the reason why he didn't pick up certain skills is not because he is any dumber than average kid, it is just that we as parents, didn't spend as much time as we should on him.
I went to lunch with an old friend who has a 3 years old boy. She left office like around 6:30pm everyday if possible to go home to be with his boy. Yes, everyone has their own pressure that come with their career. Still evenings and weekends should be time to be with family. I think I'm going to spend more time to be with him, to teach him more from now on. Cos, the brain of an one year old boy is like a 'sponge', it soaks everything. I don't want to miss a thing from his growth, otherwise, I would be sorry for that for the rest of my life. Cos, he will grow anyway and would not wait or care whether we notice or not.

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C.M. said...

Wish you a happy life journey with your boy!