Thursday, September 25, 2008

My current favorite TV series

While still recovering from my flu. I was able to spare around 45 minutes last night on YouTube to watch the season 3 premire of Heroes. It is one of my favorite TV series. This show can keep going on and on, cos it involves time travel and alternative universe, that pretty means nobody needs to die. Special effect is decent for a TV show and the characters are still attractive. However, I hope they can continue to tight up the script, otherwise, to many characters with broken pieces are somewhat tiring and hard to follow. Just don't know how to fit with each other. Definitely, I will continue to follow up this show if I can.

Prison Break season 4 has just begun. I still have not chasing it yet. I like the first and second season a lot. The third one is a bit lackluster, don't know where do they wanna take to show to in this season. Cos, there is only so much the characters 'should' do. Hope they will end this show in high note.

I've been fan of Terminator films for a long time. I was kinda skeptical of this TV series at the beginning. However, after viewing the first episode earlier this week. I think I've changed my mind. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles can still be entertaining. However, this show has to be restricted by the boundaries imposed by the films. As it is supposed to take place between T2 and T3. So, here' go. I just hope this show won't grow to be cheezy, especially between the girl terminator and John Connor. Anyway, I will try to stay to view this show since there are only 9 episodes for season one.
Well, there are certainly other good shows out there. Unfortunately, I think I can barely find time to catch up the above. When you have a small stomach, there is only so much you can chew. Cheers!

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