Friday, September 19, 2008

Favorite Movies with Great Twist(s) or cuttings

These are my personal favorites, not by particular ranking, they are just good!

1. Wild Things -
Multiple twists, who is mastermind of the whole plot?
Memorable scenes: Threesome, 'teeth'.
2. Vertigo -
A classic Hitchcock with a twist in the middle.
Memorable scene : blond hair looking in the mirror.
3. The Usual Suspects -
Great ending!
Memorable scenes : Harvey looking around in the police office on the wall, the transformation of walk and the sunglasses.
4. The Sixth Senses -
Great ending twist again. I saw this movie 5 times at least. Haley Joel Osmont is awesome.
Memorable scenes : all the ghost scenes, the last 5 minutes.

5. Momento -
The best cutting of a movie that I've ever seen. Believe me, I've seemed a lot of movies. Christopher Nolan is a genius!
Memorable scene : the whole movie, u just have to follow closely the whole movie, otherwise, u don't understand how great it is.

6. Identity -
Great psychological twister. Who is the 'real' person?
Memorable scenes : Something is rolling in the washing machine. The kid's smile.
7. The Game -
David Lynch's less well-know movie. Just like the premise of it.
Memorable scenes - When the car is underwater, the fall, wake up in the coffen.

8. Fight Club -
David Lynch's classic. Is Brad Pitt for real?
Memorable Scenes : the stealing of human fat, the fights, brad's abs.

9. Babel -
Great to see how 3 stories tie together. Love the premise. It shows that the world is flat! How screw up globalization can be.....
Memorable scenes: the shot, the balcony, kids in dessert.

10. The Others -
The twist is a bit obvious, but still the theme is still good.
Memorable scene - playing the piano.

11. 21 Grams
Second to Mememto in terms of cutting. The whole movie is actually pretty straight forward, but how that put together to let u figure out the whole story and relationships of characters are amazing. Don't give up watching after 15 minutes, your patience will be rewarded.
Memorable scenes - the car crash, and many many.

12. 12 Monkeys
One of the best Sci-Fi movie that without much action, explosion, etc. One of few best movies staring Bruce Willis. Brad Pitt's best movie so far. Love this kind of cause and effect kind of movie with the premise of time travel
Memorable scenes: picture of bullet wound, mental hospital, the airport scene.

13. Fallen -
A movie about Soul, an evil soul.
Memorable scene: Soul passing on busy street, the snowy wilderness and the fox/wolf at the end of the movie.

14. U-Turn -
An ironic 'road' movie. Great cast and great the title of the movie suggests.
Memorable scenes: Every scene with Billy Bob Thorton, the 'shot', the end.

15. Primal Fear -
Great debut from Edward Norton. The end established him as a great actor to come.
Memorable scene: the last 3 minutes in the jail.

16. Pulp Fiction -
This movie introduced me to non-linear presentation of a story with chapters. Great acting from most actors. Sam Jackson's 'cool' icon was established.
Memorable scenes: too many...the dance, killers in t-shirts, the overdose, the katana, the watch, etc

17. Seven -
Best serial killer movie without showing the actual killing. A very dark movie and a trageic climatic ending.
Memorable scenes: the pasta and the fat guy, the 'box'.

18. Sin City -
A great film-noir based on comic novel. Hot Jessica Alba. A cool cool movie.
Memorable scenes: Jessica in the bar, the yellow bastard, Ellijah Wood's nails, etc.

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