Friday, August 29, 2008

Kill by a tree

During lunch time today, I was talking with my colleague about the accident about a fallen tree that killed an university student recently. I said that if it happens in the U.S., the government will definitely be sued for $100MM for sure in compensation, considering the girl was young and studying in finance in a top University locally. Her prospect is unlimited. Though, this case has yet be settled, I doubt the parent will file such lawsuit here. Cos, it is just not the culture here.

Come to think of it, for someone who is DUI and kill someone on the road, the court usually only put the driver in jail for like 2 years, very rare that higher fine or jail time has been ordered. Is life that cheap?

There are many schools of thoughts that emphasize the rights of the murders and criminals. What about the victims? Just because they don't have a words in court doesn't make them agree of the sentence by default! I don't know much about law, but I think I do have certain amount of common sense. Yes, punishment can't change history, but just forbidding the crime from recurrence by the same person and using as a warrant to others should not be the only reasons for light sentence to be issued. I just think that court usually don't care enough of the rights of the victims and their families.

Go back to the accident, the government has departments to look after old trees, their checking is certainly lacking in this case and this is the direct cause of such accident. I think that the victim's family definitely deserves financial compensation and public apology from the government. In Japan, this usually means the resignation of the head of the related department with a 90 degree bow. Here? forget it! They don't feel shame of their mistakes and no one will take the blame. Is it culture? Yes. Is it a shame? You tell me!....

God blesses the victim of this accident and many others of similar accidents before and in future!

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