Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Is life fair?

Well, what can I say? The newborn twins of Brangelina are more famous than many people who have made major contribution to mankind because of their famous parents. The photo portfolio of the twins with their parents and siblings worth US$14MM which was acquired by magazines. Though Brad and Angelina donate that sum to charity, still it really tells what the value of human beings are so not equal to one another.
Every coin has 2 sides, people do have their free will to choose what they want to believe. For those who believe that....
Life is not fair!
Bill Gates said that: 'Deal with it.' Or people will say 'get over it'. Cos, you can't change that. There are so many differences between two individuals from the point of view of life experience, physical appearance, family background, wealth, abilities, etc. It is very hard to find anything identical among human beings.
On the other hand, for those folks who believe that...
Life is fair!
Their explanation of differences among lifes is usually that they believe in God or Karma. Namely, they looks beyond the physical beings and materialistic things in the world, and thinking with the concept of human soul which individualistic, invisible and equal in God's eyes. Or, they think that Karma is rule to everything. So, regardless the driving force of Karma, there is an invisble and invincible force that drive everything. Because of the scientific/logic behind Karma: every cost will have its own effect and so on. i.e. 1+2=3, etc. Life is fair, when you do bad things, there will be payback. For those who can't see the payback, it is just because they didn't have the chance or intelligence to see it. But, they will come, if not in this life, maybe next, or the one after. The suffering that baby has this life, is a result of what it did in past life, or the one before, etc.
So, that's the two views of life. Which one do you pick?

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