Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Dark Knight

I saw this movie on Saturday, yes it is kinda late the talk about this, but it is better late than never. I'm sure this movie will still be mentioned when the award time is coming. First of all, I like this movie very much. I've read many other people's comment before I went to see it. So, I do have pretty high expectation before going in to see it. Well, it didn't disappoint me or whatsoever. In fact, it just delivers. Action, story, and acting, high marks are given on all grounds. The only thing that I can pick on if I really have to is that the main actress is not pretty. But, hey, who really care? All actors in this movie are just top-notch, even for the supporting roles are strong: Michael Caines, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman,.... They all shine!....

But this movie is all about Joker! Heath Ledger is such a fine actor with his finest performance as his life exit one. Certainly, it will live on forever. His performance do remind me of Anthony Hopkin in The Silence of the Lamb. But, this one is much better, perhaps because the movie is longer, so he has more scenes, and man he stole everyone of them! Why so serious?!

The political undertone of the movie is everywhere. That gives more depth to this kind of comic book hero movies that people can normally chew on. Christopher Nolan is such a genius! I love his Momento very much, I think this one certain proven that he is no joke! I got to go back to dig out his Isonmia and Batman Begin when I have time.

I would say this movie is the best comic book hero movie ever made! Better than Spiderman and Spiderman 2, my previous favorites. Cos, it doesn't just have characters development, but it also insert a lot of thought about some larger social and moral issues successfully in the story. I hope more people will notice those aspects of the movie afterwards, rather than just simply taking the face value of it for entertainment only.

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