Sunday, August 24, 2008

iphone 3G

Over last weekend, just got an iPhone 3G through my company's special offer. Well, it is not for me, it is my gift to my wife. For what occasion? well, does it really matter? it is just a gift!

I've played it for few days while doing set up, programs download from App Store in iTune, loading music and photos, etc. It is really a fun tool to have! Nothing to really complain about, except the headphone which lacks of the best part of the old design for iPod that can tie both earplug together. Other than that, I can't complain anything. What a fabulous design! in such a tight highly integrated package. It shouldn't be called iPhone. It is actually a portable computer with a phone function. I think it is the future of all phones, I'm so glad that I bought it and thank God that Apple makes it.

Cos, in the last few years, I felt sad to see some many phones were being churned out by Sony, Nokia, Samsung and all that every year with confusing models, overlapping functions, and all that. You can tell which is better than the next, the saddest part is that it wastes so much resources to make them. Every quarter, u got a dozen new ones. Where did the old model go? To Africa? How many could they take?

So, iPhone really settles the market, software is really the king! iTune with App Store is gonna conquer the world. We only see the beginning of it, but I can feel it and smell it, with the iPhone in my palm. I can see that it is gonna replace mobile, UMPC, digicam, PDA, even NDS and PSP in future. Maybe even our wallet and ID! Let's see if my prediction is gonna stick or not in 5 years.

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