Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Do Nothing!

As I grow older with my life piling up with responsibilities, sometimes I do miss the days when I don't have a lot to do. Back in those good old days, I've to find things to do. My time were not fully occupied with this and that. Yes, there are bad things about that, I did feel bored sometimes. Also, I should have spent those time to learn more things. Yea yea yea, I know all that.

However, at the current stage of my life, time just flies, day in and out with works and family. There ain't much so called 'free' time left for myself. Though, that's not exactly true, I still can squeeze 30 mins here and there to do something that I like, such as surfing the web to read some blogs, check facebook, etc. If not, I can still catch a quick 'power nap' to replenish the lack of sleep that I have every now and then. But, time just not the same!.....

Once upon a time, I can get up anytime I want, I can do whatever I want, or just DO NOTHING! Lying in bed, watching movies, listening to my CDs, reading a novel, then I just closed my eyes and sleep again. Yes, live like a junkie, but hey that's not that bad!

I don't think I won't to live like that everyday, but I can just live one day like that without any interruption, I just don't think that is gonna happen, not with a wife and a kid. Well, I 'm not complaining at all. They do give me lots of joy, but I think part of my nature is being lazy, just don't think that I can express it that way as a way of life anymore. I would say to whoever can live like that, this kind of life is not gonna last, cherish it, otherwise, you will miss it.......Chill!

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