Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics is the Champ!

Too bad I didn't take a day off to watch this game but only found out the result at lunch time at work. Anyway, the loopside win against the Lakers in Game 6 sounds so incredible that I think it will deserve repeat watching for many Celt's fans. In NBA, I only follow 2 teams, one is the Celtics for long time sake and the second is the Rockets just for Yao. I'm quite excited that Celtics finally won the championship for the first time since 1986.

The more I read about KG, Paul and Ray, the new 'Big Three', the more I like about them. They are so diverse in terms of characters. What I like them is about the unselfishness and willing to foresake individual gain for the common good for the team. That's really what team sport suppose to be. Yes, I know that Piston did that as well few years back. But what Celtics did is with 3 stars, that's always more difficult with all those big egos, fame, and power involved. However, they did it and worked as a team. Such team spirit is what is needed these days. I'm happy for them. Let's see what they can do next year.

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