Tuesday, June 3, 2008

His Development Update #1

So far, these are what I notice about him:

He is quite sweaty, because of that...he smell! So bathing is a must, multiple time is needed when it is hot.

He is quite nosy, maybe it is natural to be curious about things around him, cos he is on a learning curve. Everything is new to him. All his senses are exposed to anything new. He just react to them.

He looks really cute and funny when he tastes something new. Like he tastes Pitaya 火龍果 the first time recently, he just lour but still wanted more.

He doesn't like to be alone, he wants to be hugged and walked around.

He murmoured at his wishes, can say something like 'ba ba', but no 'ma ma' yet, just 'mer mer'.

He can't crawl yet, no coordination with arms and legs, he can bounced with two legs up on bed, but can't bend his waist to sit up from lying down yet.

He doesn't sleep as much as others, which is no good, but not much can be done. Hopefully, that won't affect his mental development.

He has 'quite some' strength in his arms and legs.

He doesn't like milk that much now, 2 meals of rice puddings a day are needed.

He hasn't learnt to hold a bottle or cups to drink on his own.

I love to see him smile!

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