Thursday, June 12, 2008


I think the older I got, the less imaginative I am.

When I was I kid, like most others who watch a lot of cartoons, and read comic books. I dreamed to be a superhero. The funniest thing was when I got older, like in early teens. I would still dream that once in a while, like what kind of superpower that I would like to have and all that. Meanwhile, as I grew to know what the real world is really like. I would thought that it would be better to hide my superpowers, cos I might be trapped by some government authorities and be a guinea pig in lab. Also, if they know who I am, then I will loose my normal life and people around me will be threatened by my enemies. The more I think about it, then I would think that there are so many bad guys in the world, how many can I fight to keep the world safe and just. It would be very tiring to be a full time superhero. Then, think about what I would lose as a normal person has, then I decided that I wouldn't want to be a superhero.

As I grew older, then I would think about what if I become rich, I mean insanely rich with tens of billions of dollars. Richer than Bill Gates + Warren Buffets. Then, what will I do? I will buy this and that... But, just material possession would not be enough, I need to be rich in heart as well. Then, I would think about what I will do with my money funding scientific research, giving to charities, etc. However, come to think of it, no amount is enough as there are just so many people in the world that need help. That kinda dissuade me from further imagining being rich, cos it is depressing to think about how many people are desperately needed help in various form or means.

I once think about what if I can live forever, never die, or stay young forever, etc. Come to think about the negative sides, just made those ideas less appealing.

So, I conclude you get older, what you know about the world and reality, and more logical and detail a person you are, you will be less imaginative. Certainly, that's not applied to folks into invention or scientific research or in creative business. For folks like me who work in an profession that are not to much into creativity, but rather into efficiency, effectiveness and costs, imagination is just not essential.

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