Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New iPad

Finally, I got my dream toy – a white 64G wi-fi only new iPad over the weekend. Yes, the ‘New iPad’ aka iPad3! I didn’t have an ounce of surprise after I got the toy, given I’d read so much about it, the rumors before and the fact after its release. The retina screen is pretty, it is fast in running apps and surfing the web and I really like the bigger screen over my iPhone. The battery life is fine so far. Well, I’ve encounter the overheating at the bottom right as reported by news. Actually, many people just read the first part, without paying attention to the fine print that the new iPad is hotter than iPad2…after playing for half hours of highly graphic intensive games! As I don’t really use it to play those games, it is a non-issue to me. Nevertheless, I do indeed bother by its weight, it is just heavy! But to me, I just couldn’t stand waiting for another year for Apple to release the next model and hope that it would improve over the current form factor. Cuz, I really do want that to be half of its current weight, Apple is no longer run by Steve, if he were still alive, I don’t think he would have allowed the new iPad to be heavier than iPad2. God knows what Apple would do in next version? Well, life just changes, and I got to move on.

Having this tool for me is challenging. On the one hand, I’ve to find time to use it. To be honest, it is a very nice tool, but by no means perfect. I still would use my PC for other things, like downloading entertainments. Also, I still have to rely on the iTunes in my PC to do a lot of things, like syncing books, etc. Cuz, 64GB is not that big to me. With the deployment of iCloud, I would say that all hope that Apple would raise the storage size of its gadgets is dead! So, I still need to use PC for many other things. Secondly, I’ve to carefully manage the contents on my iPad. Cuz, this toy to me basically serves 3 purposes: for web-surfing, e-book reading, and educating my kids. Web part is easy, Safari/Opera Mini do the job. For e-book reading part, I’m still finding time to upload/organize my e-book collection. It is gonna be a very tedious job given I’ve over 30GB of books/comics, but I would treat the organizing part as a craft. Though it’s kinda sound silly, the ultimate goal should be reading those books, right? Anyway, the third part is more imminent, cuz my son has been asking to use my iPad every now and then recently. I only have to search and test the right apps that would help him to learn, I’ve also needed to manage his time on my toy carefully. As we all know that iPad is a drug this day, I’ve managed long enough to avoid getting it in my home for 2 years, but thinking about the potential benefits that if right dosage is being prescribed, it could ‘outgun’ the harm. I just have to manage it carefully.

I think this is the last major toy that I’m gonna get in my household for years to come. Hopefully, it would work out as I thought and enjoy it.

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