Monday, April 23, 2012

Captain America and Thor

I'm still scratching on the possibilities and capabilities of my latest toy - iPad. So far, I love it. Besides using it as an education tool for my son and for using FB, I found it to be very good to watch movies. That's exactly what I used it for over the weekend.

The title movies were what I saw on my iPad. Interestingly, I do have them in my movie collection elsewhere, just haven't got the time to saw them. Anyway, before I go into my thought on those movies, the only complaint that I have on watching them on iPad is that, the speaker of the device is not that good. Sometimes, it is kinda hard to hear what it said. Someone might suggest that I should use an earpiece, or get it hook to a speaker/TV to improve the experience. Well, yes earpiece is an option, but I can't be totally into the movie while blocking out what's going on at home, i.e. my wife and kids, so I can't use that. For hooking up to TV or speaker, that's not something I wanna do, cuz that would defeat the mobility of using iPad. Anyway, let me jump to the movies.

Natalie Portman is my favorite actress. Her acting, or I should say the acting that the script demands is minimal. So, she didn't really do much in the movie. A kiss to Thor is expected, some cheesy dialog is expected, so, her performance to me is more like an eye-candy plus a little bit depth. The script of the movie is fine, nothing complicated. However, the villains vs Heroes, king and princes relationship, and the seizure of throne to me are quite Shakespeare like dramas. No wonder Kenneth Branagh was chosen as the director. Well, I think the acting part is fine, nothing dramatic. The CG/FX part of the movie is fine, perhaps they would look better on screen than on my iPad. I think they serve the story, not the other way around. Though I saw the movie in thunk rather than all at once, it didn't make me wanna fast forward the movie at all. I would give the movie a B-.

Captain America
Surprisingly, I like this movie more than Thor, given both of them are about Marvel Heroes. Cuz, Thor is a God and has Godly power. It involves some kinda aliens and more about present day world. It should be more interesting. However, comparing with CA, actually CA is much better movie that Thor I think. First of all, people including me dig David vs Goliath type of story. Steve Roger aka Captain America was a human, a weak human with a big heart before he became a superhuman. The story took place in WWII add a bit nostalgic theme to it. Actually, since the bad guy got a hand on some supermaterial which allowed superweapon to be produced, the action scene in CA is actually much better than I expected. Also, the reference to Stark Enterprise was a nice side-story that reference other Marvel movies, particular to Iron Man. Anyway, Christ Evan is a good choice to play the key role, he is likable and very traditional clean cut American hero type. Also, different from his previous performance as Torch in Fantastic Four, he played a more traditional serious type of character rather than a wise-ass. That's a fresh change I think. The only scene that I found to be too cheesy is the kiss scene between CA and the 'wooden' babe of the movie. Come on, you don't kiss when you are about to chase a plane for God sake! Anyway, overall, I enjoy this movie more than Thor, I would give it a B.

The reason why I saw these 2 movies guess it right, cuz I wanna prepare myself to see Avengers in next few weeks. Now, I've seen all the movies for those related characters in that movie. Since the critics that I read for Avengers gave the movie a very high regard, I think my expectation for the movie is relatively high. Hopefully, I won't be disappointed. Will see......

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