Monday, April 30, 2012

The Avengers

Finally, I got the chance to check out the The Avengers over the weekend. I think Joss Whedon did a good job a director to balance the assemble of so many characters in these superhero movie. It is better than expected in that regards. In terms of acting, I think most of them did what they could already. First of all, the main characters already got their respective movie to build up their traits: the wise ass Iron Man, the woody Captain America, the impulsive Thor, and the two-extremes misdemeanor of the Hulk, they are all recognizable characters. Black widow and Hawkeye would need more to let audience know what they are all about, but based on the dialog, it did give them some depths rather than just being 2 two-dimensional characters. It would be nice to have a movie about their past. Nick Fury is also an interesting character that Marvel can consider to explore further. He is more or less a Professor X to me.  

I found the story is a bit too straight forward and simple. Basically, it is about the bad guys open the worm hole and let aliens to invade earth, and the superheroes cooperating together to defend the earth. It would be nice to have a bit more meat to the script. However, since this movie is just difficult to write by its nature, a too complex script would be too much to digest by some people. Not everyone can write a Matrix or The Dark Knight, if you know what I’m saying! Unlike those 2 movies, it would be a bit too much to ask for a complex story that is good enough for so many well-known established characters to balance out. Thus, I would give a pass on the story. It is a comic hero movie after all.

Now, the meat of the movie is certainly about the actions and CG. I would say that they are very good! The 3G part is not the best, it works in some occasions, but I think the movie would still work without that. I think the flying aircraft carrier is nice, Iron Man to put on the new Mark VIII suit was coolest screen in the movie. The fight between Iron Man and Thor is good, and I love every single fight scene with the Hulk in it. He just outshines the rest of the cast.

Anyway, I would think that this movie is entertaining enough to capture my attention throughout for two and a half hour. What more can I ask? The bottom line is that I enjoy this movie, though it is not the best superhero movie, it is good enough and I don’t mind to see this again. It deserves a B+.

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