Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sony NEX-5N and iPhone 4S

These are the two new ‘toys’ in my household in the past month. I got the camera after chatting with my colleague at work who has a NEX-5 himself. After just talking for about a day, I made the decision of getting that camera in the following 2 days. Originally, I didn’t have any intention to buy a new camera, cuz my Canon has been working fine for my household. However, being a very attentive dad myself, I’ve been playing with my younger son everyday and see him growing up in front of my eyes. As he gets older, he began to express himself more and looks really cute as he loves to smile. I didn’t wanna miss the good moments of his development. Also, thinking back in the days with my older son, the best pics of him were actually filmed by a friend of mine who used a DSLR. Thus, I wanna to improve the quality of bb pics and also to get a new toy myself. I hopped into a store and got the camera. I was a bit desuaded by the sales that the Sony camera was made in Thailand, in contrast to another popular one, the Panasonic GF3 which was made in Japan. However, I further spoke to my colleague and tried the GF3 myself. I finally settled with the Sony one. GF3 is nice, but it is a bit too ‘plastic’, no wonder I found out afterwards that that camera is actually marketed towards girls. Anyway, I’ve been taken my new camera with my sons few times. The quality of the pictures is indeed much better. I’m not that big a camera person myself, but I would still hope I can find time to play with this toy and able to really use more of its functions, so as not to waste the money that I spent on this purchase (US$900 or HK$6,990). The good thing is that it is a kit set with 2 lens, an extra battery, cleaning set, and a bag. So, all I did was getting a filter to protect the lens. That’s all. It is not cheap, but with the quality, function and all that being taken into consideration, it was a good buy.
iPhone 4S is actually belonged to my wife. I’m still fine with my 3GS. As my wife felt that her 3G is too slow and can’t view the viewcams at home clear and fast enough. We went to her telecom service provider to get a 16GB white 4S last week. There’s no surprise for this phone as I’ve known about what I need and interested in this phone for months. However, the really cool thing for me is to play Siri first hand. It is really a cool feature, as I’ve believed all along, we are only scratching the surface of this killer feature at this stage. I’m sure we will see much more with this feature with more languages being supported and SDK being released to developers in the coming years. The only shortcoming of Siri is the natural shortcoming of spoken words itself. Namely, it strives and dies with your language/spoken skills, and whether you want to say certain things out loud or not. I don’t know how others view it. Sometimes, we do wanna keep our words private. For example, when I’m in an elevator with strangers, I don’t wanna use Siri to call someone by yelling the person’s name. There are things that I just don’t wanna say out loud in public. Anyway, I still quite enjoy Siri and think this function is here to stay. It will not replace text input, but just as a nice complimentary function or option for us to interact with tech gadgets.

Well, that’s about it. Oh…just one more thing, I’ve order a pair of Bose earpiece on Apple Store. Can’t wait to get a hand on them, will review that in future for sure.

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