Thursday, January 12, 2012

Life Lesson

The following are by no mean all that I wanna say about this topic. I'm sure I will have reprise of that in future. But for now, here we go. Sons, I hope you can pick up something here that would benefit you somehow.

Don’t expect return when we are able to help someone.

Don’t forget the kindness that we receive from the one who helped us.

Just because we are able to do certain thing doesn’t mean we are defaulted and be responsible to do that thing.

We should keep an opened mind to learn whenever we can.

Knowledge is only one of few things that can’t be taken away from us.

The world doesn’t owe us anything. The world will still function with or without us. So, don’t exaggerate our importance to the rest.

Just because we can do something, doesn’t mean that we should do it.

Purely good or evil people are very rare in our society. Most of the people are no different from us. It is our tendency to be with people behaving nicely. So, be nice to people if we want to make friends.

We can’t please everybody, particularly if we know a lot of people. We should be true to ourselves, try not to do things that we will regret later. So, if we can do things that please ourselves as well as those close to us, most of the time would be good enough.

Lying is a difficult act. You need to have very good memory and logical sense. Sweet white lie once in a while is fine. But, being an honest person is more honorable and admirable than being a skillful liar. Rather than continuing telling new lies to cover your previous lies, it is better to try harder to get things right in the first place.

Once a person is found out to be a liar, it is extremely difficult for him/her to be trusted by others. One of the foundation of personal reputation is creditability, we don’t make friend with a person that we don’t trust.

The most admired persons throughout history are those that did great things to others, either through passing knowledge or inventions.

Don’t be fool by a person’s appearance. A person with beautiful attractive appearance could be result of plastic surgeries, makeup, or lucky combination of genes from his/her parents. There is no doubt that appearance would be helpful in social activities or opening to various opportunities. However, there is always other ways that would work as well. The most important thing is that most of those beautiful people in the world are control by someone who are not physically attractive at all. So, don’t lose hope for being less attractive.

Personality takes time to be constructed. It is easy to set goal to tell ourselves to be an XXX person, but it would take a time and effort to achieve that.


Coffee said...

I always think knowledge is the only one thing that can’t be taken away from us.

Joel said...

Yes, Coffee. Another good thing about Knowledge is that we can hide it if we want to, but we can't show that we have if we don't.