Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nursery time

Requested by my son’s nursery, a parent of every new entrant would need to accompany on the first 2 days of their school. By default, I went with to classes in last 2 days. Time just flies, my son has just started his formal education! Oh, what an experience as a parent…..

My son is certainly better served by his parent than mine. I still remember my first ever school day to kindergarten. I was brought onto a school bus, and my parent just waved hand for goodbye. I was standing up in the van and crying for being abandon, I don’t remember how long I cried, but very soon when I got to my k-school. I was just curious of everything and everything was fine from then on. For my son, at least I spent last 2 days with him in class.

There are about 2 dozen tots in the class with 2 teachers. As my son still in the adaptation period, his school day only lasted 2 hrs rather than 3. Well, still a great lesson to him and me as well. I can really see how he matches up with other kids. Yes, everyone is different and my son started later than his classmates who have more than a month headstart than him. However, I can still see what areas my son need to improve and what school is expecting from tots. So, it is nice to know how my son is measured. Well, I’m not too worry about my son too much on his perceived shortcomings, as I think that he will certainly pick up soon or later. I think my son is not the brightest or most well-performed tot in the class. He is certainly not the worst. So, it is fine with me. The most important thing is that it seems like he enjoys school, with company of others of his age. That’s most matter to me. If he starts hating school and only want to be alone, that would be worrisome.

I’m not too worried about the hardcore knowledge that my son will pick up in school at this age. Cos, I doubt he will learn much English complete sentence or let alone any Mandarin from the sessions there. However, social skills, good behaviors, and proper manners are more important. Also, learning how others can take care of their own on feeding, cleaning, etc would be good enough for me. I just hope he can enjoy school in general. That would be just fine.

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Joyce Lau said...

Wow. You're right. I had no idea parents actually accompanied kids to kindergarten these days!

I remember my little brother's first day at nursery. He cried and cried, but there was nothing we could do after we dropped him off.

As for my first day in kindergarten, I had a tough time because I didn't speak English yet. (This was in the U.S.) I didn't understand all of what the teacher was saying, or the other kids were saying. But, in those days, parents didn't coddle their kids.

Kids were just dropped off to figure out our own problems. And soon enough, I adjusted with time.

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