Monday, October 12, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize 2009

I’ve not been kept up with news as close as I used to be lately. However, one shocking news that I just learn the other day that I really wanna voice out is the Nobel price committee award the Nobel Peace Prize this year to President Obama.

Well, I’m not alone to be shocked by this choice. I don’t doubt that President Obama has the capability to win this award, but not now?! This guy has not done enough yet. Let alone being nominated only 12 days into his current position is puzzling. It would be interesting to see who did the nomination. Award should go to people who produce the results. I disagree with some bloggers who mocked such award saying that everybody can make promises, the contestants in Miss Universe wishing for peace every year, so they can win the award as well. However, the difference is that President Obama has not only made peace promise, but he does have the power to carry out the promise, but it has not been done yet.

Politicians are known for their flip flops on positions. I don’t see President Obama would be any different. What matter is whether he can deliver. Relatively speaking, I think former President Clinton would deserve the Nobel Peace Prize more than President Obama based on really works that had been done. However, God knows what kind of joke the Nobel committee is making this year. I just hope they will learn the lesson this time and don’t devalue of the Nobel Peace Prize into something like best movie award of the Academy. Also, if I were President Obama, I would return the prize with a message that ‘let me work hard to materialize my peace promise, so the people who can benefit from that as a result of my effort would hand me the prize in person…when that day come, I will be honor to receive it on behalf of my team’…..or something like that. That's how I see it.

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