Wednesday, October 21, 2009

‘Dream’ gadget

I had a weird dream last night. That’s nothing unusual about that. However, the funny thing is that it is about a product that hasn’t come out yet. Don’t laugh at me, I dream about the soon to be released Apple tablet! Usually, people or other bloggers would talk about what they envision or wish what the tablet should look like, what functions and capability it should have, and all that…..when the bloggers are AWAKE! My case is similar except it is about really what I saw in my DREAM! Ok, once this premise has been laid out, here were I saw in my dream…

First of all, my dream was in color, it looks like as if I was watching a youtube video. There was not 3rd person talking describing what is in the video. Just visual images. What I saw was a pair of hands holding the ‘machine’, playing with it, I can’t see who the person is, but it looks like it is a ‘he’ sitting on a green lawn outdoor with trees in the background, somewhere like a college campus. The focus of the whole thing was about the machine of course.

The ‘machine’ has double screens. There wasn’t any buttons along the edges of the whole screen. The size of each screen is about the full size of 3 iphones lining up side by side. The 2 screens are side by side, when you hold the whole thing; it looks like you are holding 2 giant iphones stuck together without the earphone at the top and the key button at the bottom. The 2 screens are linked physically together, somewhat like the NDS, but you operate them sideway instead. Namely, it really looks and be held like a ‘book’. The thickness of the tablet is exactly the same as an iPhone. Of course, when you fold the screen, the machine will have the thickness of 2 iphones. I can’t see the details of what buttons are on the side edges of the machine.

I saw the machine while it was on. It looks like 2 giant iphones with icons lining up exactly the same. But the two screens would look like one screen that is split into 2. Or, like one is the extension of the other. Cos, when the hand swiped the pages of icons from the right screen, the icon would move to the left screen and then go to next page. The 2 screens can be operated separately. What I saw was that, when a ‘book’ or ‘PDF’. Like article was uploaded on the right screen. The left screen can remain with icons. Then, the hand can swipe the right screens from right to left with a finger. The ‘book’ will turn pages while the left side remain. I also saw the machine has Multilanguage consideration. Cos, the left and right screen display can be swap. When a book in Chinese or Japanese (I couldn’t remember clearly) was shown on the left screen. The hands swipe the left screen instead, and the pages turn from right to left. Just like actual Chinese/Japanese books which are traditionally bind that way.

I saw video clip to be display on the left screen while the right screen was showing text, and the right hand can use the multi-touch to move the video up or down on the page, and writing notes on the edge of the text page. Somewhat like postnotes.

As the machine has 2 screen that designed like a book. So, it can be read or use while the screens are not 180 degree from each other. It can stand on the ground on its edges.

Well, that’s all I saw in my dream. Let’s see what it will really look like next year.

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