Friday, October 9, 2009

Leisure time and gadgets

Just some rambling about the status of ‘leisure’ in the current stage of my life.
With work and family responsibilities, most of my waking hours are allocated between them. I guess this is part of being a responsible family man. So, what’s left for me is very minimal and I thus cherish them very much. At this stage of my life, I’m more a pragmatist than ever. So, anything that deems to be out of reach has already filtered out the logical side of my brain. What I mean out-of-reach could be something very normal to many people. Like pursuing interests in photography, reading long novels, planning for a dream-trip overseas, learning new skills that require many practices, all things that basically are kinda costly or taking much time would not be feasible for me to do, at least for now and foreseeable future. Therefore, for my remaining time, besides taking rest, I only can do things that are enjoyable, easy, affordable and doesn’t take much time. So what are they?

Basically, there are still few things that I can do. E.g. doing light exercise which is something that I must but still lazy to do. Also, thanks God for internet. As I still love reading and music, these two pieces of entertainment can still fit into my short pieces of leisure times. That’s reading short articles on the web (like news stories, analysis, blogs, etc) and listening to music. Thanks for my iPhone, I’m all set for both, though there is always room for improvement, like battery life, storage capacity, etc. I’m not sad about the lack of leisure time, cos I made life-changing decisions and I’ve to stick with it. On the upside, I do enjoy and benefit from my decisions. Also, every stage of life is different. So, trying to enjoy it rather than making complaints is my preferred attitude towards it.

On of the hottest topics on the net in recent weeks is the upcoming wave of releases of tablet computers. There are pros and cons of that all over the place. Of course, Apple’s release is predictably the eye of the storm. For me, I think Apple is very smart in making things that just fit our needs. There are various reasons and demands that are currently catered by a spectrum of gadgets all around. Most likely, Apple is not going to invent anything new, but just create something that tie is for multipurpose and somehow that open the door for a new lifestyle of some sort. iPhone is an example of that. I tied our various needs for music, movie, shopping, communication, tools, entertainment nicely in one package. I wonder if the tablet from Apple will have similar effect and do more. I already have a PC, a rarely used laptop and a netbook. Would I need a tablet? Currently, the answer is no, but who knows what’s gonna happen down the road. For now, I think I’m gonna stay put, just wait, keep myself informed and see.

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