Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Thoughts

The following are lessons or thoughts that I have lately. Maybe there are some wise men/women did say similar things before that I don't know. Maybe, they said it even better in more concise ways. Anyway, just want to say what's on my mind......

- It is not how much you make, but how much you can leave for spending freely that matter.

- Relationship is like a plant, that need frequent replenishment of nutrients, water, and sunlight. Keep this in mind.

- Jealousy may not found in your mind but it exists.

- Keep your emotion in balance is not easy. Taking deep breaths always help.

- Treat yourself nicely once in a while is important, being a giver most of the time is stressful.

- Even without bad habits, without goals in life is hazardous as well. As you will lose focus in your life and live like a zombie.

- Don't be regret for your actions if you have already tried your best.

- Self-dignity is important for a person to become respected. Respect should not be asked for, it will naturally go to those who deserve it.

- Be thankful for how fortunate you are all the time. Though there are people better than you are, you are always better than many others.

- What's most important in your life usually is something that you already have but ignore most of your time. Like health, family, freedom, etc.

- Try to educate and remind yourself that helping others is a good act, try to enjoy it.

- Don't ask for 'ups' in you life, cause they usually come with 'downs' that you may not be ready to bear.

-Don't expect free lunch, even though it exists, you will pay back in other ways.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Make so much sense. And you must be a wise man!
Andrew L