Thursday, August 20, 2009

My iPhone 3GS first review

Being an iPhone owner for almost 3 weeks now, the feeling is really good. It basically match my original expectations. In this blog, I'm not going to review its functions as many other blogs or websites have done already. For me, it is really just my thoughts and experience with the phone so far.

Physical appearance - I understand iPhone is really a mini-computer, with all the physical parts, it gotta be a bit heavy. I think the weight is actually fine in my hands, just it is sometimes kinda like a burden when I put that in the pocket of my shirt. However, in terms of size, it is perfectly done. The screen size is appropriate, the thickness is fine. I'm sure they may make it thinner in future, but that doesn't bother me much.

Headphone - I like the iPod headphone that with the little plastic clip that trap two plugs together. That's so handy that it makes it so easy to untie the whole thing. For the iPhone, it only do half a job because of the volume control with mic. It is better than without it. However, the good side is the mic itself, I like to use it to chat, actually I can hear better with the headphone than using the phone itself. The second good thing about the headphone is that I can easily tell the difference between left and right plug based on the volume control. The white color looks sharp, but it's got to be dirty down the road.

Voice Control - I still can't manage to use it as it should. I found that somehow it doesn't recognize what I said in many cases. Also, I still couldn't figure out where it can recognize multi-language in same command.

Battery - that's gotta be the worse thing. I don't think I use the phone extensively like playing games for extended hours. But the battery really goes quite fast. I don't leave my phone on overnight, but I still have to charge it every 2 days or so.

Games - I don't really play a lot, my favorite one is 'Word Warp'. Though, I downloads few pages of games, I just never manage to have time to really play them. For me, playing games are just really for killing time which is something I don't often need to do.

Apps - I think the iPhone's most successful feature is the app store. With its head start, Nokia, Microsoft and the rest are not gonna able to catch up. Physical form is easy to copy, but the depth of app store is simply amazing. For now, all my apps are free downloads. I don't see the need to buy anything yet. The only one that I will consider right now is the Quickoffice which would allow me to use Word and Excel. I'm thinking about it...

Music - Perfect! Just need some get use to it, transit from being an iPod classic user.

Web - It is not as fast as I want that to be. I don't know if it is because where I am or site traffic or what. It is decent, but still below my requirement.

Phone - Fine, but quality of the phone service provider is not that great. I like the contact phonebook.

Input - the keyboard is fine, the handwritten recognition is fine too.

Camera - Quality of pics are fine. Just still need quite a bit of practice to take 'steady' pics. Also, it is quite easy to take pic accidentally while holding the phone. Video is decent, but I didn't use that much.

Others - I still have not really use the others features much, like GPS, etc. Will comment more in future if I've more to say.

Well, that's it for now!

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