Monday, August 10, 2009

End of the World as I know it

Recently, I saw the preview of the movie 2012, it is about the Mayan’s belief that 2012-12-21 is supposed to be the 'end of the world'. Of course, Hollywood uses that as gimmick to make another blockbuster movies showing what else?...the end of the world! Making by the director of ID4, and The Day After Tomorrow. So, you can guess pretty much what you will see in the movie. Yes, the digital effects are gonna be spectacular. However, though the movie is not out yet. I would like to see if there is more ‘story’ to it, then just screen after screen of destructions.

Personally, since I was a kid, I’d been fascinated by the idea of ‘end of the world’. I think I’m not alone for that. Certainly, as I grow older, things have been changed a bit. Anyway, I think people who are very into this topic are usually those who feel that they are part of a collective incapability of changing our life and our world. Maybe, it is because regardless what political system we are under, the rich and powerful will always get their ways to hold on to power and make more money. As a result, most people and the environment suffer. Also, if they have some kinds of religious beliefs, then we all humans are sinners that deserve to die, be punished by God or whatever. Namely, we dig our own graves! As such, we will see that we can’t make a difference, and the hell goes with it, then it may be logical to believe that we all gonna die in such an ultimate event – the end of the world!

Comes to think of it, end of the world has different meanings that many people don’t really try to distinguish them. Sure, the end results on personal level will pretty much be the same – we all gonna die! However, logically speaking, there are different meanings, including: (i) the end of current human civilization, (ii) the extinction of human beings, (iii) the destruction of earth environment that no living things can exist anymore, also (iv) the ultimate destruction of the Earth itself.

I think the great flood in Bible mostly resemble (i). Only few people survive. There is a rainbow of possibility between (i) and (ii), somehow they are related. Usually, the fact is a substantial number of human population die. That has caused the loss of the fabric of society, countries, and knowledge that; it leads to total revamp of human existence for the remaining ones. In the movies, the Day After Tomorrow is a good example, but U.S. Government still exists. So, do few others like Armageddon, and Deep Impact. Nonetheless, I think that it somehow will really depend on the cause of the destruction. The major factor would be how long ahead we know the ‘big one’ will happen. Cos, if it is due to asteroid, or sudden shift of polars of the world, there is not much time that human can prepare. I think that actually is better. If it is due to nuclear wars or disease, it would be worse. Cos, in those case, the number of people that killed by other fellow human beings can be as many as those killed by radiation, or gems. Considering the chaos and panic that the fore coming event will create, I’m sure some people will just do what they wouldn’t dare to do in normal life if they know that they are gonna die with many others in 4 weeks for example. The worst and best side of human beings will be shown in those occasions. The rich may open their wallet to help many people with no string attached, but the potential criminals would simply try to ‘enjoy’ whatever time left and carry out actions that violate many others. I’m pretty sure that will happen.

For (iii) and (iv), they are largely ‘academic’, unless a space ‘ark’ is created, otherwise, we will all be dead, and so it really doesn’t matter. If such ‘ark’ is created, then, the scenario in the movie ‘Deep Impact’ will happen. Namely, who has the right the live? That’s a big question, and I’m sure it is not a just a concept in movies, many governments do have such hidden plan. Certainly, there are individuals trying to make it on their own. Such as those radiation-proof vault that you can bury in your backyard with a tunnel built from your basement to its entrance. You can live inside the vault for 2 years with food, recycled-water, etc. Nonetheless, that’s just minority with unproven solution.

On my personal side, I think this topic is just being one of novelty idea for entertainment and imagination these days. By any means, it does a very interesting topic for conversation if you find the right folks to chat on.

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