Friday, November 7, 2008

What about "Change"?

The theme of 'Change' has been Obama's campaign for the past 21 months. Sure, he is elected, it means that he needs to deliver whatever changes he has promised.

From my personal side, I don't need to do what Obama did, trying to sell 'Changes' to others to get buy-in and all that. However, I do see different challenges.

The idea of wanting to change at a personal level is because I'm not satisfy with certain things at their current stage and want to carry out the changes to make things better. I'm sure there are tons of self-help books out there that can help, though I deem that most of them are simply telling us what we should have already known. So, I'm just gonna list out what I think that will work for me here.

Step 1 - Self-realization - finding what I don't like about.

Step 2 - Investigation - finding out what are the root causes of those shortcomings or defects.

Step 3 - Diagnosis - finding out what actions can be done to get rid of those shortcomings or defects.

Step 4 - Planning - schedule and arrange the procedure to carry out those actions

Step 5 - Self-motivation - make myself to carry out the plan

Step 6 - Execution - actually carry out the plan and certainly review and amend the plan as it goes.

Step 7 - Plan completion and maintenance - when the actions are completed, some of them may become a new habit that will be ongoing......

Step 8 - Review - learn what was done right and wrong for future reference.

I think each step has its own challenges. Depends on what my goals are, it could see problem on all steps. As I'm not talking about a job, or something coming from outside, I'm talking about something inside our head. For me, self-motivation is the difficult, particularly when I'm occupied by other responsibilities, it is so easy for me to tell myself to do it later. So, many of my ideas on self- improvement and changes are simply ideas or plans without start dates. Just make me sad to think about that. Use an analogy, I think it is true that we won't go the restroom in the middle of the night, if we can 'hold'! Though, we all know that if you wake up because if you feel like you need to piss, you won't go bad to sleep unless you piss. Keep on fighting to hold is not gonna work. I guess I'm not that 'full' yet, that's why I'm still holding and not going to the bathroom. Maybe I'm just too dumb to do that....

Not sure if others have the same problem or not. What step would they found most difficult?

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