Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some recent observations and thoughts...

Economy is bad.

People are being laid off. Those who have jobs scare of losing them.
Merchants want cash badly, they dump their inventories, especially those of luxury fashionable goods.

Big sales everywhere, and crowds just swamp in stores and buy things that they don't really need. They bought them because they have stayed in line for too long to leave with empty hands.

Many shops will close down in future months. Brand names, familiar names will become history.

Investment markets is too stormy for the ordinary folks, they were engulfed and stripped. Only the braves and the insane remain.

People that can keep jobs feel lucky for a moment, and just work.

Some people will put off the idea of getting marry, having kids for financial reason.

It is a bad time to graduate from college, a worse time without a degree, and the worst time to retire.

Bad news will be norms, people will become desensitized to them.

Suicide and homicide rate will go up. Crime rate will go up as well.

It is good time to make good comedy movies, if they can get financed. It is a bad time to make bad movies, if they are lucky to get financed.

We don't need tragedy or horror movies. Cos, we just need to look around.

Religious activities, attendance to temples and churches will rise.

Self-help books will be hits, how to get rich books will be in bargain sections, like 'Dow at 40,0000'.

People will spend more time at home with family and watch TV, or serving net. Those, with a crowded family, small home, only 1 TV, and one PC will have more fights and arguments at home.

Lastly.....things will get worse before turning better. That's a thing that I'm sure. Cos, things are in cycle. Things will change and keep changing. Only Change is forever!


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