Thursday, November 20, 2008

If I just learn that I’ve only 24 hours to live

Lately, I came across a Japanese movie based on a graphic novel about death. Certainly, the Japanese ‘Jack the Reaper’ is handsome and loving, doesn’t want to bring his targets to death and all that. Just reading articles about that make me think about the idea of …what will I do if I just learn that I’ve only 24 hours to live….

Assuming that it happens on a weekday, the first thing I will do is to leave office immediately, and send an email to my boss later. Then, I will call my wife to take emergency leave and then pick her up and go home.

The rest of things that I will do include:
Use my camcorder to record words that I wanna tell my son when he grows up. Most likely will be by topics, like a section about attitude to learn, another about dealing with girl/woman and on marriage, etc. Then, I guess I will record my will as well, so that all monetary issues are settled.

I will order all the foods that I wanna eat, like crabs, sushi, pizza, ribs, all sorts of fruits, desserts, etc.

I will pass the passwords and accounts of all my stuff to my love ones.

I will call my immediate family to be with me and my wife + my son, then spend the rest of the day with them.

I may listen to few songs that I like.

Of course, I need to comfort my family and love ones emotionally to make sure they are ok after my departure. I don’t want to see them cry.

By the time that all these are done, I think there is not much time left. I guess I will just say “I love you and Goodbye” to all of them. Then, close my eyes with a smile.

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