Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A brief shopping spree

In such bad bad economic environment, my personal belief has always been save, save and save! On the contrary, I've been doing quite a bit of shopping lately. The prices of the items that I bought, thank God, they are largely lower than it had been, but still, it is $$$ I'm talking about.

I bought a fridge last week out of urgency, as my old one was broken, the motor just didn't work.

I bought 2 pieces of suit last week as well. Why? because I just found out my old suits do fit anymore. The victums of my lack of excercise and over-eating. What can't I say? Yes, I'm going to start doing some excercises (the fact is I've not started yet), but I need clothes to go to work! and the weather is getting chilly lately.

I went shopping with my wife over the weekend for clothes. I've not done that for a long time....since we became parents. She needs work clothes, so we spent $$$!

Also, I bought a wallet for her as present lately.

Comparing with others, I don't think we spent out of control, we did most of them pretty much based on 'needs' rather than 'desire'. Though, my wife has been affected by the sweep of 'SALES' that are going on lately under this global financial tsunami, we still can manage our spendings reasonably well. Thanks to our busy schedule with works and kid, when u don't have time, u just don't go out of your way to spend. That's something that I always believe in.

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