Monday, February 11, 2008

Scandal and Education

The latest scandal in local showbiz about the leak of so-called ‘obscene’ photos of local young stars is getting more and more interesting. Everybody expresses opinion. From my point of view, it is created by a bunch of factors. So far, what is known is that some well-known people have sex in private and documented in film/photos, got leaked outside during laptop repair. Someone stole those files for private viewing and shared among ‘friends’. Then, it got leak to media which has won a ‘jackpot’. Someone notified the police who tried to crackdown the case heavy handed in high profile without thorough thinking. Netizens got upset and the more you push, the larger the rebound. The case is still on-going and don’t know how that will end. However, one thing is for sure, many folks have seen the pics and even kids are exposed. I wouldn’t think much about that before I become a dad, but now I would think about what to teach my kid when he got older to see this kind of things.

That’s why sex education is important and I think that it should start in the family. However, that’s now enough. Just telling kids how things are functioning biologically is not enough. I think we need to explain to them what the ‘whole’ thing is all about from different angles and perspectives. Like why people have sex? why they take those pictures? What is legal? What is moral? How morality and law changes over times? How they are different in different countries? What are the consequences of having sex in terms of biologically, personally from both parties, etc? About pregnancy, diseases, etc. Also, why the media publishes those pictures everyday? Why do they mask the pictures but still put them on the cover? I think all those questions deserve decent answers from parents. Communication is very important on this topic. I think kids are borned with curiosity. In this days and age, if you don’t actively talk to you kids about that, his/her friends will, internet and media will, and you will most likely won’t agree with the bit and pieces of idea that you kid picks up from them, and God know what the kid will conclude in their heads. Wrong information and distorted ideas are preventable if parents make effort.

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