Sunday, February 10, 2008


Chinese new year holiday is almost over. It's about time to get back to work. I've a decent time in the last few days, not too busy, but man, time really flies!

Yesterday, I went to Elements, the new shopping mall at Kowloon Station. It has opened for few weeks but I just never got the time or reason to go there. Finally, cos my friend and his wife are living in the apartment building above that complex. I just went there for a visit. The mall.....mmmmm...just a mall, like most other malls here. A bit high-end, but pretty much the same stores: Zara, H&M, Starbucks, Levis, cinema, etc. Nothing got me excited.

My friend's wife is 4 months pregnant, congratulation to them! I just shared some of my experience with them, happens to have about 9 months ahead of them. The gathering was short, only about 3 hrs, but it was nice to take a breath out of my daily routine. If it wasn't cold, I would take my wife and my boy to meet them. However, it is just so cold lately. It has already been more than 2 weeks that the local temperature is around 10'C more or less.

I used to love winter, but it is just cold here, especially at home, when I don't move much and my apartment is facing north. I can't wait the temp to rise for 5 more degrees. I think that'll be the most comfortable temperature.

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