Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rocks and Water

It is said that women are water and men are rocks. It is because men are less likely to compromise and women are more caring and adaptive. So they are more ‘people persons’ than men. I don’t think it is always the case. I think the Rock-and-water analogy is not just applied to genders in general, but also to roles in office as well as in family.

Sometimes, your boss wants you to be a rock, but you don’t succeed unless you act like water occasionally. There are always pros and cons to be either in both long and short terms. Sometimes, the short term pros could mean long term cons and vice versa. You just have to wear two hats, one at a time, and change it FAST as needed. Being a rock doesn’t mean you have to bully others, but sometimes it means you just don’t want to be bullied. Being a rock for too long, you may be cracked to become dust. Being water for too long, you may simply drain away. I think being a rock is easier than being water. However, overall speaking, rocks are eroded in times, but water stay. It may vaporize but come down as rain eventually. Occasionally, if water is pushing too hard, it could be rough. It may freeze and become ice that even harder than rocks. In general, water is peaceful and know its place.

Simply know how to be a rock and water at the right time is already an art rather a science. Some people just born to be one of them more of the time, they just don’t feel comfortable to act the other. It takes talent and effort to learn, and may never be a master of that in a lifetime. I’m learning, and still have a lot to learn.

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