Thursday, February 28, 2008

Non-New Year Resolutions

Certainly, many people may new years resolutions. I don't do that cos that's just not how I do things. Objectively, maybe it is because I don't want to do things....anyway....

Of course, I've my own family now. There are priorities, like taking care of my kid and my wife. Also, I've been working in my current company for about 3 months, so there are still lots of things need to be learned, and hopefully I can strive for advancement, etc.

However, come to think of it. There are things that I always wanna do, but just have never got the chance to start or complete them for 'resource priority' reason. To name a few but not in priority order...
1. Learn Chinese Character input method
2. Read all the books in my possession, so I have reason to buy books or visit bookstore
3. Learn more about classical music history and appreciation method
4. Read books about Jazz history
5. Learn how to bake an apple pie
6. Go jogging in the weekend morning or night
7. Refile my CD collections and rip them on my PC
8. Consolidate my itune music library
9. Back up my files in DVD-ROM
10. Scan my old photos and save them in DVD-ROM
11. Improve my primitive photography skills
12. Use my Videocam more
13. Visit museum
14. Go hiking or just in the rural for a day
15. Play Tennis
16. Refresh my wardrobe
17. Do volunteer work for a day
18. Watch all my videos download/VCDs/DVDs that I've never got time to watch
19. Build a good library to store my files in my PC
20. Tune up my laptop, like boost up its RAM
21. Catch up with old friends in person rather than on Facebook only
22. Learn Taichi
23. Go travel aboard
24. Learn to play Go
25. Learn to play Guitar, Rollorblabe, bicycle, ski, houseback-riding, etc. things that I know I will never able to learn, unlike other things above.
26. Go to concerts
27. .......

Just too many wishes, too little $ and time.....ah...........

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