Thursday, July 4, 2013

Personal update for Jun 2013

There have been many things going on in my life that seek so much of my time and attention. I couldn’t help but have to scale back my blogging activities. However, I’ve never thought of giving it up. I wouldn’t care how popular FB or Twitter, etc. are, cuz each tool has its own advantages and blog surely does has its. Since I happen to be able to squeeze a bit time and do have few things that I wanna blog about. I may have just pulled them all out while I can.

On family side, my older son has just graduated from K school and will go to P school in coming fall. Time just flies. I would give a ‘B’ for his upbringing so far. There are still few things that I would say he is lacking. First of all, he is still behind in his ability to taking personal care of himself. Certain things that he should be able to do, he is still not very capable. On top of that, he has shown his laziness every now and then. He clearly knows what are right, but he just takes the easy, convenient, but wrong ways to do certain things. Besides that, there are still many things that I can think of (may separately blog it in details in future) that I should do to help him better but they have not been done. That would come to my shortcomings rather than his. So, I don’t wanna fully blame him for what he is now. He is still a kid and I’m largely responsible for what he can and can’t do so far.

There is an issue with my younger son. For being a 2 years old tot, he is identified to be behind in development after being checked, particularly in speech. Therapy sessions are scheduled and it is gonna be a very challenging process for our family to go through. But shit happens, my attitude is always to face the music and just suck it up, deal with it. Blaming anyone, including myself is not gonna help, so just have to look ahead and try to make things better. That’s all I can do. I think this issue kinda makes me think how much I’ve and have not changed in last two decades or so. When I was younger, I was much more pessimistic than I should be. Not that I’m a highly optimistic person now, but I think my ‘mental pendulum’ has definitely swung to the opposite side especially after I came a dad.  I guess it has a lot to do with the unchanged mindset that I’m still a relatively practical person with rationale over emotion. That always helps in problem solving.

There are also other things that have changed and gonna change in my family life as well, like home-moving and getting an additional helper. Those changes post challenges in both positive and negative ways to our family.  As above, just have to deal with them, what can I say? That's life!

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