Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Be a good parent

Theories sometimes are hard to be practically use in the real world. I have my beliefs in what count as a good parent. In fact, I know what kind of parent I want to be, but in reality, I would say I've not been able to do what I want to be so far. It is not that I've not tried, but I fail quite often. To step back and analyze it, when I do and say certain things with a good intention, the recipient end may not view it the same as I do. So, the expected results never come and my emotion kicked in. It is not their fault, cuz how can I remember what I thought when I was five or six years old? Even two six years old kids don't behave the same way, he is my son, but he doesn't think like me. So, communication is really an art that takes a lot of time to practice.

I just need to be more patient and keep my temper down, since being too emotional goes against the person what I want to be. My wife every now and then would say what if we are not parents, how our life would be different. I always reply to her that there is no 'what if' in my dictionary. I'm mature enough to understand that being a parent is my choice with no regret. There are certainly both plus and minus for every decision. I still think that being a parent gives me more to cherish than the opposite. I'm happy to be a father, though it is not easy.

My dream is to be my sons' personal guide, their lives' companion that they are willing to share their thoughts to me and seek my opinions actively. That's much more advanced than simply being a friend or an old-fashioned father figure that you fear/respect. That's not something that can be done easily, a lot of cultivations are needed. I need to observable, approachable, knowledgeable, caring, and patient. I still have so much to learn..... 

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