Monday, July 29, 2013

Pacific Rim

Better be late than never, I went to see this movie weeks ago but never got the time to talk about it. Just try to be brief and clear about what I think of this movie:

Good Parts:
CG, robotic design, site selection of fights between robots and monsters.

Decent Parts:
Characters and acting - there are many actors, they are provided enough to do, but not enough to shine. Acting demand is not great, but the characters are not too boring.
Script - not great, understandable, logical within its own universe, smooth, not much dragging.
Cutting - understandable, smooth.

Bad parts:
Nothing too specific, just doesn't give me a feeling to see it again.

This movie clearly pay homage to Japanese robotic animations. I think the movie somehow lacks 'something', I 'm not sure exactly what it is....Surely, I love to see those robots and monsters duel them out and smash, bang, bang, etc...but I think the story, the premise, or the characters are all good, but not great enough to make audience care and hang on them to really bump our 'blood' to strike our fists in the air when the monsters were killed, a bit worse than Transformers, I think.

However, just for fun and don't mind leave my brain outside the entrance of the cinema, for entertainment value wise, this movie does do its job. I would give a B.

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