Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Next iPhone

I'm going to buy the next iPhone, period! Being an Apple fan and a long time spectator of Apple news, I actually think that the iPhone 'next' to the upcoming one would actually be a more revolutionary product than the upcoming one. Of course, I've no proof, it is all my 'informed' guess.

Well, why I'm gonna buy the upcoming iPhone? My 3GS is on its last leg, battery is surprisingly ok, cuz I plug it at work and sync it on my PC every night, so power wise it is fine. However, the cracking case is a bit annoying and the screen actually is really getting old, it goes dim every now and then. After skipping 4S and even 5, I think it outlast longer than I had expected. However, the killing factor is gonna be iOS7 which will not support 3GS. I'm still using the latest version of iOS, though many features are not applicable to me, obviously without the front camera, Siri, facetime, etc, I still get security update and other things like notification center in my last upgrade. But, with the tremendous change in iOS7, I don't want to be opted out completely with this upgrade. So, a new phone is needed. Also, given my extent of usage, in spite of other high priority expenses at home, the purchase of a new iPhone would still deem to be justified.

Based on all the rumors about the next iPhone, I think the most believable outcome will be: same form factor, upgraded cameras, A7 inside, fingerprint recognition, iOS7 compatible, no NFC, black and white iPhone. It will be called iPhone 5S, S will stand for 'Security' with fingerprint recognition as the key selling-point. The cheaper version of iPhone 5C will come out, C will stand for color, though black and white will still be available among iPhone 5C which should have mostly the same spec as iPhone 5 except one key feature which is something I would just guess!

For me the iPhone 5S would be good enough and be a major major upgrade for me iPhone usage experience. However, why I guess iPhone 6 would be better is because I think it would have a bigger screen size, regardless it's gonna be 4.3", 4.7', or 5". It would be a more interesting selling-point to existing iPhone users. I know there is a sea of Android phones out there has those sizes or bigger, but they are Androids. That's why I'm actually a bit tempt to get a hand of a Nexus 7 tablet just for the sake of tasting what Android is all about without leaving iOS camp. Well, it is just a tempt, based on my busy schedule, I doubt that I would have the luxury time to play with another gadget, so it may just a thought. Actually, I doubt Nexus 7 will be the end product of Android tablet. The killer one will be the one that is in Motorola's shop currently cooking by Google. That's gonna be the one that will go head on with iPad in 2014 and onwards. Wait and see if my guess is gonna be correct!

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