Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yamaha U1

I finally sold the Yamaha Arius SDP 161 (that I bought last August) on Yahoo Auction last week at a 60+% discount to a young couple who play in a band after they took a hand-on test of the digital piano at our home. Why the rush? Because of the tight turnaround of delivery of a second-hand Yamaha U1 in two days after the digital cousin was out of the door.

The second-hand piano actually is in a very good condition. It costs as much as 3 times of the digital cousin that I shouldn't have purchased last year. I sold at a loss which should be preventable. I thought that my home couldn't fit an upright piano, so I went for the digital one. But, upon the recommendation of my son's piano tutor, I went for the U1 per my son's need and found out stupidly that it would fit my home after I got rid of 2 pieces of furniture in our living room. So, $$$ just gone!

Nonetheless, since my son loves playing music, and it is worthy for his hobby and growth. Furthermore, I did some research on the web and find out that the resale/retain value of an U1 is really great. So, it shouldn't be a big loss in the long run as long as the piano can be kept in good condition. That's exactly what I'm worrying right now. My older son who plays the piano wouldn't be the biggest concern except that he may play the piano with his hands wet or dirty. That's still preventable. But, the problem is my tot son who just love to pick up things (like his toys) to throw at things (may well be the piano since it is a huge and easy target). All I can say is that, I cross my fingers and touch wood everyday!

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